Helping to raise 1 million pounds to fund gene research

Helping to raise 1 million pounds to fund gene research

Regardless of whether you seek private or public funding, raising money is tough. When speaking to potential investors, one of the best ways to communicate your message and raise awareness about the project is to create strong video content.

The University of Leicester needed to raise 1 million pounds to begin important research into genes, which control the lives of 20,000 people each year. They needed enough money to keep the project running for 20 years, alongside the following:

  • Working with research groups across the world
  • Creating a valuable resource of data from over 5000 babies
  • Diet, fitness and lifestyle checks

Genes are hereditary and some of them can be switched on and off depending on how we eat, exercise and more. This means a girl or boy can be the exact same age as each other, but one of them can be obese just because certain genes are switched on. So doctors around the whole world want to know: what makes these switches turn on and off?

We hope the amazing team at the University of Leicester find out.

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