Why playing Mario Kart is good for your business

Why playing Mario Kart is good for your business

Working in a creative environment comes with advantages and disadvantages. You can control your hours, create your own schedule and work with some of your dream clients.

Now, this comes with its own set of challenges. Many creatives are guilty of overworking and to use the classic phrase: ‘burning themselves out’. As a business owner and creative, it is important to understand the difference between:

i) Knowing your limits and when to push yourself (and still be productive)

ii) Pushing yourself into the unproductive zone and sacrificing quality of work and energy.

We consider ourselves lucky to work in the Phoenix, a bustling hub of creativity nestled in Leicester’s cultural quarter, located near venues such as the Curve and LCB Depot. Over the past few years, the cultural quarter has grown into a fantastic location for creatives to work, network and thrive – producing world class theatre, fantastic cinema programmes and nationally recognised festivals.

Some creatives struggle in office environments because their preferred work ethic is stifled. They feel restricted and cannot function efficiently. If you have the luxury of either working in a flexible creative environment or own one, ensure that you have the right practices in place to blossom your creativity and get the most out of your team (take Pixar or Google as great examples)

It doesn’t have to be Mario Kart, it could be a game of Monopoly, a walk into the city centre or coffee at your favourite cafe. Just remember, you don’t just owe it to yourself to ensure you have a good quality of fun at work, it is essential.

So everyone, here is your open invitation to challenge floor 2 of Phoenix to a Mario Kart: Double Dash race anytime. Just be sure to bring hankies to wipe away the tears.

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