Fosse Park Advert


In the lead up to the 150 million pound expansion of Fosse Shopping Park, the marketing team tasked ImageNova with tackling a brief for a web video advert. The brief detailed the tri-colour theme behind their new branding (blue for home, purple for fashion and green for food) that we had to reveal in the campaign video. Importantly, they wanted to bring the Fosse brand to life for the first time and the challenge was to showcase the personality and charm of the park alongside the rebrand.


We created/storyboarded a script and concept from scratch which, soon after approval allowed us to proceed with pre-production. This involved communicating with all stores throughout the site to arrange filming times and location recee’s, casting/coordinating extras and generating concept ideas for the light streaks shown in the advert. We casted a range of different cultures and ages to reflect the multicultural city of Leicester and wide target audience they were reaching.

We kept within the budget and managed to exceed with strong, television commercial standard visuals that have not previously been produced for the shopping park. We managed all aspects of the shooting from location management and larger crews (10-12 people) as filming commenced throughout the park with large batches of equipment. We guided Fosse throughout the entire process, including post production where our music composer recorded a score.


The web advert formed a key part of a marketing campaign to launch the new Fosse branding across online platforms and social media. Pulling data from YouTube and Facebook, the videos have raised awareness about the park in the first main video campaign. The feedback from The Crown Estate (landowners/investors), Savills (estate agent) and Fosse was overwhelmingly positive, using the video not only for online marketing, but to promote the park whilst seeking further investment.