400 Years Web Series

Commissioned by the Heritage Lottery fund and partnering with the Royal Collection Trust, this 8-part web series explores the tightly woven and at times tumultuous relationship between Great Britain and India.





The Brief

Inspirate and Image Nova present a portrait of the two countries by focusing on the origins of the relationship, the people who changed the face of the subcontinent and the legacy of decisions made over the four hundred years that bring us to the present day.


ImageNova worked with social enterprise Inspirate to train and work with 30-40 volunteers to obtain research for the documentary and assist with the production. ImageNova sourced and arranged interviews with academics, presenters and specialists on Britain and India and combined this material alongside a wealth of archive content that was sourced from online and physical archives, museums and exhibitions.


Together TV (Sky channel 173) featured 2 episodes on broadcast at the primetime of 9pm. We expanded the web-series in post-production and included another cooking episode after positive feedback. All episodes formed part of a successful online run and social media marketing campaign.


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