Memoirs of an Asian Football Casual Documentary

ImageNova produced the 2018 documentary of Memoirs of an Asian Football Casual for Curve Theatre. 'Away from the racial tensions of 1980s British society and the pressure to stay true to his cultural roots at home, Rushey Mead teenager Riaz Khan, finds his place with Leicester City‘s infamous football hooligans, the Baby Squad'.


Curve Theatre



The Process
The Brief

Curve theatre organised a day in which the cast of the production met the author of both the play (Dougal Irvine) and the book (Riaz Khan). ImageNova was handed a brief that involved a fly on the wall documentary approach to capture key moments of interaction throughout the day.


Considering the nature of the play and the subject matter, we opted for a handheld, rough and tumble approach to the documentary. Khan primarily tells us through his story whilst walking through the streets of Leicester. Key filming locations include: Leicester town centre, Narborough Road and Filbert Street. Through the use of captions, we can provide viewers with snapshots of history that contribute to their understanding of a football timeline and Riaz's story.


ImageNova created two edits that included the full length documentary and a 30 second teaser for social channels. Both pieces of content were used throughout Curve's social media and web channels.


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