University Fundraising Video

The University of Leicester needed to raise 1 million pounds to begin important research into genes, which control the lives of 20,000 people each year. They needed enough money to keep the project running for 20 years.


University of Leicester



The Project
The Brief

Genes are hereditary and some of them can be switched on and off depending on how we eat, exercise and more. This means a girl or boy can be the exact same age as each other, but one of them can be obese just because certain genes are switched on. So doctors around the whole world want to know: what makes these switches turn on and off?

The Solution

We worked with a local young theatre actor and created a concept where he is starting on a journey to meet the University of Leicester team who are changing the world through their research. He also educates the audience (quite literally through a projector-lecture) and keeps the video lighthearted yet informative.


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