What the Butler Saw Theatre Trailer

Leading regional theatre Curve was producing Leicester playwright Joe Orton’s classic farce ‘What the Butler Saw’ directed by Nikolai Foster. Curve usually produces a rehearsal/behind the scenes trailer for all ‘Made at Curve’ productions.


Curve Theatre



The Project

In contrast to other productions, ImageNova created two trailers for this production: a rehearsal trailer and a theatre trailer. One detailed the behind the scenes process behind the production and the other was produced in a studio setup.


Incorporating Orton’s text, ImageNova created a script for the theatre trailer that communicated the mood of the play and gave an introduction to the characters whom audiences will see on the stage, providing a trailer that can be edited into character introductions for social media campaigns and teasers. We filmed the trailer at Curve theatre using a specialised lighting setup, working with an art director and set decorator.


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