Some of our favourite projects involve the wonderful medium of animation. We have a team of talented animators who bring projects to life in a way live action video can’t. Animation can also be combined with live action video to make a motion animation video. Either way, you can expect the magic to happen.


I’ve worked with ImageNova on numerous projects over the past several years and it has always been a pleasure working with them. They are helping me create video interviews and video case studies. Their knowledge of the Cinema industry is also a real added value for us. They always have been very professional, the quality of their work is very good, and they can handle even the tightest of deadlines.

-Florence Quintin, Marketing Manager, Sony Europe

Working with ImageNova has been a fantastic experience! Having worked with the company since 2012, we have had nothing but results. The bar has been raised from project to project and their fluidity in understanding what to deliver is spot on; whether it's a festival video, a live show, sponsor pitch, advert or conference - highly recommended.

-Jiten Anand, An Indian Summer

After many years of working with the ImageNova team, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their dedication, expertise and attention to detail is second to none. Absolute pros!

-Adam Brown, Brand Marketing Director EMEA | Panavision & Panalux
Why use animation?
Bring your story to life

Animation lets you tell a complex message or concept that is important to your campaign. A single animation can have the communication power of dozens of documents. Animation gives an identity to your company or brand without the constraints of actors or locations.

Creativity in visuals

The world is your oyster. You may come into a campaign with defined visuals, character concepts and more. Or you might have ideas and start with a blank canvas. We are happy to guide you through the process so your vision works brilliantly on the screen. We will help you find animation options within your budget. The difference between 2D character animation and realistic CGI robot monsters is drastic! We will find the perfect match for your project.

Create a suite of usable assets and iconography

Throughout the animation process, we will be creating assets for use across your whole brand marketing campaign. These can include: animated logos, animated avatars or brand characters, colour elements, social media idents. We help bring your brand to life by creating content for your future campaigns.

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