Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos


The corporate video is the epitome of professional imagery that communicates the story of your business or brand. ImageNova provides a complete corporate video package that involves the entirety of the production process that includes strategy, creativity and delivery.


The brief we gave Imagenova and the suggestions made by their team has helped enhance our profile tremendously. We are very thankful for their input. Myself and my senior management team found ImageNova to be very professional in their approach as well as innovative with some great ideas which we as an organisation hadn’t of thought of.

-Vijay Majithia, CEO, Aspire UK
What makes a successful corporate video?
Production Technique

The strength of the production is paramount. The way the production company handles on set logistics, the camerawork and lighting determines whether the shoot is successful. ImageNova has an experienced crew that use the latest film industry standard equipment, including a suite of 4k cameras and lighting rigs to ensure that the footage shines and our crew operates at an optimum standard.

Interview setups and lighting

Lighting setups can influence how the audience reacts to the interviewees who guide us through the video, either through voiceover or face to camera. The strength of the interviewer also determines whether the interview contains strong content. At ImageNova, we are experienced in interviewing a wide range of individuals for a multitude of projects, including stars such as Alec Baldwin, Danny Boyle and Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Good editing can make or break a video. This applies directly to a corporate video that needs to efficiently communicate a message or deliver a brand identity. Good editing allows the viewer to digest (and retain) all of the information effectively and a well paced edit creates an easy and enjoyable viewing process.

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