Documentaries have the power to change the world. ImageNova began making documentaries in 2009 and have had the opportunity to work on some powerful stories, from a documentary on the Pink Sari gang who fight for women's rights in India, Oscar winning composer AR Rahman and the history of black music. Hundreds of documentary techniques can be used to tell your story and we continue to use them across all of our film work.


We were delighted with the work of Kieran and Bipin for their quality documentary for St Peter's Church. The congregation loved working with them and we are planning a follow up documentary with HLF funding. ImageNova is clearly a very talented, creative, and professional young company.

-Ted Cassidy MBE, St Peter's Project Manager

Great quality quick turn around edits on a multi video project. Did their research on the subject matter and where very approachable and open at the point of designing the project brief. Would definitely recommend.

-Sean Carroll, Inspirate
Components of Documentaries
A compelling story

The heart of a good documentary is a good story. Regardless of what you are creating, you need to find what audience will connect to emotionally. Starting with a blank canvas also has benefits, giving us the opportunity to apply various documentary techniques and create a strong storyline from the material we are given.


Interviews make up the bulk of some documentaries, and great interviews are can sometimes be understated yet distinguish between a good or bad documentary. A key component of the ImageNova team is our experience with interviews and making the interviewee feel at ease. We have interviewed a wide variety of individuals including film/theatre stars such as Alec Baldwin, Danny Boyle and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Strong video footage

Coupled with archive footage, filming strong video footage helps define the look of your documentary. Components to consider include: interview lighting, what equipment is used (fly on the wall or polished with high production value?) and use of animation and graphics.

Archive Footage and Images

Archive or Royalty-free footage build the historical area of your documentary. When building a story, you need to build historical context so that audiences can relate to your story. An effective way of building this story is with well selected archive footage and imagery. You can often spend hours searching for the right piece of footage or image that suits the story, and it always serves as a vital piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

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