Educational Videos

Educational Videos


At ImageNova, we create content that directly speaks to your audience. This allows them to effectively engage in the video and retain a strong viewing rate for our content - essentially, making viewers notice our video and keep them watching for longer. When we work with educational institutes, we ensure our content innovates within their brand guidelines and targets their audience.

What makes a successful educational video?
Know who you are making the video for

Universities and colleges require a variety of content that communicates to various individuals. Is it an internal marketing video speaking to staff? Is the video centred around a central marketing campaign that is aiming to recruit undergraduates? Either way, you must determine who the audience is and create a proposal that outlines how you can communicate to this audience through video.

Keep up to date with the latest social trends

A big audience for Universities is the undergraduate market. The way undergraduates digest online material has changed in recent years and has seen the involvement of web bloggers, animation/graphics, video, social campaigns and more. As a video production company, you need to keep up to date with all of the latest social trends and learn to create video content that optimises your video on these platforms, whether it be a vertical social media video or utilising innovations such as IGTV.

Capture the brief and deliver to your target audience

This is integral to creating a successful video. Learn how to work with a brief and infuse your creative energy to create content that your audience will enjoy. Keeping up with the latest social trends is not enough. You need to learn how to produce your videos to effectively communicate to your audience.

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