Live Events

Live Events


Record your live event through the medium of video to capture the experience for your audience. The production becomes a marketing tool to use across all platforms.


I’ve worked with ImageNova on numerous projects over the past several years and it has always been a pleasure working with them. They are helping me create video interviews and video case studies. Their knowledge of the Cinema industry is also a real added value for us. They always have been very professional, the quality of their work is very good, and they can handle even the tightest of deadlines.

-Florence Quintin, Marketing Manager, Sony Europe

Working with ImageNova has been a fantastic experience! Having worked with the company since 2012, we have had nothing but results. The bar has been raised from project to project and their fluidity in understanding what to deliver is spot on; whether it's a festival video, a live show, sponsor pitch, advert or conference - highly recommended.

-Jiten Anand, An Indian Summer
Decisions to make when recording a live event
Live Event video production
Your outputs

Decide on your final outputs before recording the event. How many edits will be required? Do you need shorter and longer edits? Do you require an event video that encapsulates the day? Some events might need live online streaming, an internet connection, and an on-set producer to manage logistics. Good pre-production means achieving your desired outputs.

Creative approaches

There are many ways to creatively enhance your live event video. Timelapses and hyperlapses purvey the sense of movement and numbers of attendees. Slow motion captures special highlights and details. On-screen typography and graphics give your video that final touch.

Scale of production

ImageNova have filmed live events in many different venues, from conference halls to the London Palladium. The scale of production depends on what needs capturing and how many cameras/crew that will take. Specialist live event equipment can include multi cameras, jibs/cranes, stabilisers, drones, and more.

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