Narrative Film

Narrative Film


Narrative film is at the heart of what makes ImageNova. And the heart of every narrative film is a good story. Our love for story and our talented crew combine to include narrative film production value in all our projects. ImageNova's origins are in short films and our first feature film is scheduled for 2021.

Essential crew needed for a narrative film production
Narrative Film and Video Production

The producer is in charge of the logistics of the production and making sure everything works smoothly. Key tasks can include raising finance, coordinating writing, directing and editing. The producer oversees each project to completion, including the marketing and distribution of the film.


The director visualises the script and guides the cast and crew throughout the production. The director has a key role in the creative aspects of the film set and works with the screenwriter to bring the vision to life.


All stories begin with paper and pen or nowadays, a word processor. The scriptwriter provides the blueprint for the whole production and has to produce creative writing to strict deadlines. ImageNova works with scriptwriters to create scripts or screenplays for productions including short films, web advertisements and promotional videos.


The cinematographer is the head of the camera and lighting department. In production, the cinematographer works with the director and gaffer to create the mood of the scene through the best visual elements and lighting. On larger productions, the cinematographer will work with a production designer to create the set decoration and the practical elements of the set. See our interview with the production designer of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel here:

Sound Recordist

The Sound Recordist is the person on set responsible for capturing clean, good quality audio. Audiences can be tolerant of image quality but they never forgive poor quality audio. The sound recordist supervises the sound assistants and boom operators to ensure the final sound mix is perfect. They work with the sound designer to record all sound effects. These could be the crashing of a car or the squashing of a vegetable!

Music Composer

George Lucas quipped that “sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie”. Some would argue this percentage is too low. The Director works with the music composer to discuss what music would suit the story. The composer sometimes starts work before production, influencing what imagery is captured on the shoot.

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