Product Videos

Product Videos


Product videos can put the your product on the map and showcase it to the world, allowing your vision to come to life. Product videos communicate your brand and allow you to craft a style. This may involve a studio setup; the product in an environment or in situ, or we might choose to film in a certain lighting style that suits your brand.

What types of product videos are effective?
The Studio Setup

A clean, professional studio environment is a fantastic way to showcase your product. Studio product shots can work in a variety of different edits or be used on their own. The visuals are effective when combined with a voiceover artist that explains various features or reads a well written script. Studio shots work very well across all platforms and are visually engaging on social media when scrolling through social media applications.

The Storyboarded Vision

Your marketing department might have generated a string of material that compliments a video release. ImageNova works with marketing to integrate key branding into the video and make it work as part of your campaign. This sometimes involves storyboards that introduce both the product and the people or company behind the product.

Show it me in action

Giving your potential customers a glimpse of your product in action is the best way to reassure them. Your customers want to know how effective and seamless your product will be if they invest. You are giving them visual information that explains what the product does clearly and stylistically. This captures the viewer’s interest and works as an effective online sales tool.

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