A good story is at the heart of any film or video piece and the difference between a good and bad product. We have the opportunity to use our in house scriptwriters to create a story from scratch and take the key concepts behind your brand and watch it come alive.

Techniques/Aspects of scriptwriting
Character and emotion

Your characters (or protagonists) are the people who the audience will emotionally relate to throughout your story and you become emotionally invested in their journey or character arc.

Production value

Production value on any video or film project is paramount (not the production company, the importance) because it is one of the ways in which you can engage your audience in your story. When you are working on lower budgets and cannot afford set builds or props, a good solution is to find an existing location that has everything you require for your production, which is where location scouts are very important.

A cinematic look

ImageNova has a background in narrative filmmaking and have an extensive understanding of the medium to create cinematic images when producing images. Good scriptwriting includes locations and worlds that allow the production company to create video content that transports your viewer to the intended space, world or time.

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