Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos


The number one platform for viewing video content is on social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more! As video production specialists, we are constantly analysing trends, seeing how the world’s most innovative companies are producing specialist videos bespoke to the social media platform and seeing how we can innovate and push the content further. This includes making the most of the aspect ratios you are working with and often using graphics and animations to allow the audience to interact with the video.


ImageNova listened carefully to the brief and their questions helped to sharpen it further. We found it very easy to work with the team- they were very professional, courteous and easy.

-The Very Rev'd David Monteith, Dean of Leicester

Great quality quick turn around edits on a multi video project. Did their research on the subject matter and where very approachable and open at the point of designing the project brief. Would definitely recommend.

-Sean Carroll, Inspirate

Working with ImageNova has been a fantastic experience! Having worked with the company since 2012, we have had nothing but results. The bar has been raised from project to project and their fluidity in understanding what to deliver is spot on; whether it's a festival video, a live show, sponsor pitch, advert or conference - highly recommended.

-Jiten Anand, An Indian Summer
How we tailor social media content
Bite Sized Edits

Short and powerful content is a winning combination when it comes to social media. We regularly provide smaller edits for our clients to communicate the key message or story in a shorter space of time. We provide regular bite-sized edits for web channel Cooke Optics TV to give audiences on Facebook and Instagram a digestible piece of content that they can absorb whilst swiping through their news feed. See the examples below about how videos can be edited for social media.

Working with the platform

A key aspect in the pre-production and scriptwriting phase is to write a narrative that can be cut into smaller sections, either as interlinking stories or as parts of a whole. When we have the opportunity to write a story from scratch, we note what elements of the story or what shots can be taken out without damaging the story arc. Once the story has been successfully edited, we use various techniques (such as graphics and animation) to serve as effective prompts for the audience to encourage them to interact with the video, such as ‘turn up the volume’ or ‘touch for sound’.

Building it around a campaign

We can flex our creative muscles when we build link social media content to an existing campaign or theme, set out by the clients’ marketing department. Using Fosse as an example, they launched their main campaign advert in time for their new rebrand (Fosse Home, Fashion, Food). They introduced a tri-colour colour scheme to distinguish between the new brands and we built a concept for the main edit that could be dissected into three smaller edits that showcased each individual new brand.

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