Web Videos

Web Videos


Web Videos are now the main source of advertising for many companies. The new way to market is television-standard adverts made for the web. Websites and social media have better targeting and reach than television. Our team have a background in narrative film, producing shorts and documentaries. We tell stories through our scriptwriting and production values. Our web videos become prime assets for flagship marketing campaigns.


After many years of working with the ImageNova team, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their dedication, expertise and attention to detail is second to none. Absolute pros!

-Adam Brown, Brand Marketing Director EMEA | Panavision & Panalux
Why web advertisements?
Video production set of Fosse Shopping online video advert
Bring your brand to life

A concept or brand is brought to life with video and animation. The story connects the audience emotionally to your brand, communicating your message quickly and memorably. There are few limits to web video - your content is bespoke and targeted.

A powerful marketing tool

Static marketing is becoming ineffective. Social media gives ranking preference to video content. Video lets you choose what you want to communicate in a short space of time. Case studies, behind the scenes stories and animated visuals are some of the options.

Unlimited products

A strong web video can be cut into a series of marketing videos. These shorter edits can focus on different aspects of your brand or business. This extends the life and scope of your web video. Careful scripting can avoid season-specific content and give your video shelf life to be used on various campaigns.

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