YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos


Web channels such as Youtube are now a valuable part of marketing campaigns. Posting regular and engaging content builds a story for your brand over time. There's always material for new social media video. Social media video platforms such as Youtube can connect you to new audiences for your brand or business.


Great quality quick turn around edits on a multi video project. Did their research on the subject matter and where very approachable and open at the point of designing the project brief. Would definitely recommend.

-Sean Carroll, Inspirate

Working with ImageNova has been a fantastic experience! Having worked with the company since 2012, we have had nothing but results. The bar has been raised from project to project and their fluidity in understanding what to deliver is spot on; whether it's a festival video, a live show, sponsor pitch, advert or conference - highly recommended.

-Jiten Anand, An Indian Summer
Key steps to building a successful web channel
Cooke Optics TV Channel
Produce unique content

All successful video content channels have their own way of telling stories. This could be through viral topics such as pop culture, arts/media, history, niche topics and more. The YouTube channel ‘Vox’ are a good example. They use a mix of voiceover, animation, archive and recorded footage to tell intriguing stories.

Organic growth

A simple test shows whether your channel has strong enough content to grow. Once the channel is live, spend nothing on marketing. If the content is strong and your targeting is right, the videos will get organic shares. The sharing and audience feedback then feed into new content planning.

Know your audience

The best foundation for achieving organic growth is to target the right audience. You can target a topic with a wide audience (e.g. film and television) or a niche (e.g. film cinematography and lighting). Bigger audiences need ongoing marketing or blog posting to get traction on the channel. But niche audiences often find your content organically because they are already searching for it. Finding the right niche is an important part of building a dedicated following for your channel.el.

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