Cooke Optics TV Web Channel

An Oscar winning lens manufacturer established in 1894, Cooke Optics is at the centre of the filmmaking business. ImageNova interviews high profile names from the technical side of the film industry to produce the online web channel Cooke Optics TV.


Cooke Optics



The Process

We worked with Cooke Optics to establish a strong online presence and brand identity that raised awareness about their company in the film industry to online viewers. ImageNova took over their YouTube channel when it had 180 subscribers and developed the concept of Cooke Optics TV - an online channel that interviews cinematographers and professionals from the film industry.


ImageNova has worked with established film organisations and big online channels and blogs to ensure the success of Cooke Optics TV. Our approach to interviews and strategy of creating content creates engaging content with leading figures in the industry.


COTV has changed the way Cooke Optics approach their online marketing and appeal to wider audiences, providing infinite content for social media and establishing a globally recognised online platform. It is known by audiences globally and has a dedicated and growing fanbase.


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